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28 December 2011 @ 08:45 pm
How to play this game...  
Game Play

The difference between what goes in a characters journal and what goes in the Comm

Simply put the Comm is where gameplay actually takes place. So if Quinn and Mercedes are going to the mall, that would take place on the gameplay community.

However the conversation where they decided to go to the mall would take place in one of the character's journals. "Private messages" from one character to another should also take place in character journals and be labeled as such. If Brittany wants to PM Quinn, it should say that. Otherwise other characters are allowed to react.

Logging vs. Threading

Well I think most of you are probably wondering what the difference between the two of these are and why we do either.

Logging: Happens in Google Docs (that's right if you want to log, you're going to have to get a gmail account) between two people. Basically, it is used for events happening between two or more characters that may take a few days to work through (i.e. a wedding, the birth of a child, etc.). It can be used for events that you don't want people to see until they are completed. Logging will also be used when your character must interact with an NPC (non-playing character) for an extended period of time. So, if Kurt needs to have a discussion with a fellow student, then it would take place in a log instead of creating a model character for an isolated incident. For this game, any "flashbacks" will also take place via logging. There are no comments in response to the logs. We will act as if comments are disabled.

Threading: Is what happens when one character makes a post to the Comm and are you be used when there are groups of six or more people (i.e. parties, study groups, meetings, etc.)

These posts are to be written in third person, past tense narrative.

i.e. An hour later, Kurt emerged, a smile on his face. "That was quite exhilarating, actually, despite the fact that I will have to exfoliate for an extra hour to remove the stink of 'bar' from my pores."

to which the character(s) involved in the scene would respond, also in the third person, past tense narrative via comments.

Posting to the Comm

All entries in the < ahref="http://flshfwd-wmhs.livejournal.com">Comm</a> must be tagged with character names and their locations. I will create all tags to make sure things stay uniform, but I ask that once made, you apply them. :)

There is also a posting format similar to what most of you have seen via fanfiction. The format for this is:

WHO: Santana and Brittany
WHAT: Cleaning the attic
WHERE: Santana's grandmother's house
WHEN: Wednesday, Sept 9th 2011

All events, logging included, must be posted with this information.

Forms of media for your characters

All forms of media are fair game for your characters. It's the 21st century. We have twitter, tumblr, AIM and email at our finger tips. It's really up to you and how far you'd like to go with your characters. If you can find a way to incorporate it into gameplay, then I encourage it 100%.
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